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Foxit eSign vs DocuSign pricing

Compare the prices of each subscribtion plan DocuSign and offer. Visit Foxit eSign's pricing page and DocuSign's pricing page for more details.



  • 100 Envelopes

  • 10 Reusable Templates

  • PDF Upload

  • Integrated with Google Drive and Dropbox

  • Basic Fields: Signature Block Text, Text Box, Dropdown or List of Values, Date, Checkbox, Radio Button, and Attachment.

  • Comments

  • Signer Declaration

  • Activity tracking and notifications

  • Digitally Certified PDFs

  • Real-time Audit Trail

  • Email Bounced Notification

  • Automatic Reminder and Expiration

  • Excel Reports

  • Multiple Languages

eSign Pro


  • 1000 templates

  • Advanced Fields: Secured/Masked, Image or Seal, Hyperlink, Accept and Decline Fields

  • Custom Branding

  • In-person Signing

  • Online Forms: Embed on website/application, Online URL/Quick Link

  • Field Custom/Regex Validations (regular expressions)

  • Conditional Notification Logic

  • Document Access to Department Admins

  • Template Sharing with Internal and External Senders Vacation Rules

  • Two-Factor Authentication via Email

eSign Enterprise

Contact sales

  • 1000 templates

  • Custom/Personalized Field

  • Custom Instructions

  • Advanced Permission (Assigner, Placeholder Party, Editor Roles)

  • Online forms with In-person and Boardroom Signing

  • Bulk or Mass Signatures

  • Single Signer from a Group

  • Use Signature Epad

  • Deleted Folder History

  • Remote Server Integration (Cloud Integration)

  • Single Sign On



  • 5 envelopes per month

  • Reusable templates



  • Shared templates

  • Collaborative commenting

  • Customized branding

Business Pro


  • Signer attachments

  • Formulas & advanced fields

  • PowerForms

  • Bulk send

  • Payments

Enhanced plans

Contact sales

  • Manage data across accounts

  • 24/7 live support

  • Identification and authentication

  • Address compliance obligations

  • Single sign-on (SSO)

  • Customize with integrations

  • Multichannel delivery