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Signer definition & meaning: What does it mean?

by Abari Abbassi / Feb 1, 2024
Signer definition & meaning: What does it mean?

Meaning of signer

Signer: A signer is a person or organization that has signed a contract or a legal agreement of some kind.


  1. She was the signer of a two-year lease agreement.
  2. Franklin Benjamin was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.
  3. The contract was voided due to the age of the signer.


  • Signatory
  • Signee

Signer vs Signatory vs Signee

"Signatory", "Signee" or "Signer" all mean the same thing, a person or organization that signs a document.

  • Signatory is used in more formal contexts like a government signing a treaty for example.
  • Signee is a more precise legal term. It's used when dealing with contract law. It's used in professional settings as well.
  • Signer is the more informal word used amongst friends, family, and colleagues.

Signer or Signor

The two words mean two different things. "Signer" means someone who signed a document, while "Signor" is the equivalent of "Mr." in Italian. It is used when addressing a man with respect just like in English. The term "Signor" does not exist in English and has nothing to do with signing contracts, signatures or contract law.

Written by Abari Abbassi

Founder of Signer HQ


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